“Fostering Community Prosperity”

At RIM Publications, we understand that no one knows a community better than the local newspaper. With that in mind, we are a publishing company that strongly believes community papers are the voice and memory of their neighborhood. RIM strives to offer supporting resources and technology to empower those publications to serve their readers in a traditional manner.

We are a privately held company based in Bellevue, Washington with a family of newspapers across the Pacific Northwest. We specialize in weekly publications committed to promoting local culture and community prosperity by highlighting the people, places and events important to the areas where we publish. Our award-winning journalists serve their communities by providing a forum for public dialogue and addressing the issues that directly affect their neighborhoods.

Though our focus remains on the personalized needs of each community, RIM continues to grow. The partnerships we form with our publications and the respect our readers have for our commitment to quality journalism make that growth possible.


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